Custom Software Development

Top engineering skills coupled with deep industry knowledge allow us to provide unprecedented efficiency in building custom software solutions for print industry.

No off-the-shelf software can solve the problem you have? Perhaps you’ve been burned by working with development teams not understanding printing domain? Our teams provide top-tier software development skills coupled with intimate knowledge of the printing industry. The principles we live by allow us to convert ideas into working software products in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Service Integration

By efficiently integrating our Customers’ software systems and assisting in making smart choices for new components we help to maximize efficiencies and return of IT investments.

IT solutions – whenever off-the-shelf, custom built or subscribed as part of SaaS offering – provide biggest ROI when efficient integration allows for synergistic effects. We help our Customers bridge the gaps between systems they are using by either integrating existing components or recommending deployment of tools to fill the gaps. If you want to maximize benefits of your software investments let’s have a conversation!

Cloud Enabling / Enabling Cloudification / Enabling Effective Cloud Utilization

We help our Customers capitalize on state-of-the-art strategic IT capabilities that are enabled by cloud technologies.

Moving IT into the cloud allows for extensive cost reductions while at the same time greatly increases software availability and scalability. Cloud-based solutions enable rapid innovation and give ability to use technologies that had prohibitively high entrance costs in the past: business Intelligence, real-time data analytics, data warehousing, machine learning algorithms, text and voice recognition among others. Thanks to the cloud entry cost of enterprise-grade tools is now acceptable even for small and medium companies while big players can enjoy massive reduction of licensing costs when compared to more traditional tools.

Digital Strategy Formulation

Digital Strategy Formulation

There is a myriad of tools, solutions and IT-related strategies available for any company today. Dozens of marketing and analytical tools, state-of-the-art SaaS for CRM, ERP, accounting etc. Almost every area of company operations can benefit from smart IT solutions. Executives have to choose from endless options when formulating plans for solidifying and/or advancing competitive position of the company.

By coupling technology expertise with deep understanding of printing industry and business dynamics in this market we help our Customers to navigate this vast area. We help to maximize strategic benefits from IT investments in both operational efficiency and creating or enhancing existing products/services.

UI/UX Design and Research

Using industry best practices for research-driven UI/UX design we help our Customers amaze their clients and leave competition in the dust

Customers are increasingly accustomed to efficient, intuitive and aesthetically attractive interfaces of services they use. Falling behind those quickly rising standards can cause product which superior in other areas to lose market-share to more slick competition.

By applying the best practices in UI/UX design we help create winning products that live up to standards expected by customers living in the digital era. At all phases of the creative process our designs are validated by a variety of UX research methods, tailored to the type of the product, its’ strategic value and available time and budget. Our creative team consistently delivers great UI designs that enable our Customers amaze their clients and increase advantage over competitors.

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